Lower respiratory infection Sub-study to MMC Trial

ING Staff: Stefan Unger, Sophie Moore, Pa Tamba Ngom, Andrew Prentice

We are conducting a detailed study on children under 5y presenting with a lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) to the clinic at MRC Keneba. The children are supplemented with lipid-based multiple micronutrients as part of the MMC Trial in conjunction with standard treatment for the LRTI. The aim of the study is to determine the effect of adjunct treatment with multiple micronutrients on clinical resolution of the infection and associated changes in markers of innate immune function and inflammation. Markers of immune function, inflammation and lung permeability are measured in blood and induced sputum at several time points during the recovery to assess the effect of adjunct treatment.

We hypothesise that supplementing vulnerable children with LNS will produce a more balanced immune response that will result in faster resolution of LRT disease.gambia_groundnuts mother with children

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