The Keneba Biobank

biobank bar scan

The Keneba Biobank in conjunction with the Demographic Surveillance System (DSS) forms a platform for studies involving the whole of the rural population of West Kiang.

The overall goal is to better understand how health and disease are affected by the environment and genes, so as to further the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness with a focus on low- and middle-income populations.

Anthropometric measures, bio-impedance, and blood pressure, as well as blood and urine samples are being collected from all consenting individuals among the approximately 15,000 residents of West Kiang. Samples are being banked for a wide range of
research purposes.

biobank sample collectionIt is our mission to create and maintain a research platform for genetic studies in a rural African population. Specifically to:

  • Define the role of genetic variation in nutrition-related diseases
  • Understand variation in responses to nutrient interventions
  • Conduct human in vivo functional studies of mechanisms underpinning genotypic responses
  • Contribute to African genome-wide association, replication and fine mapping studies



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