Natural Killer cells as effectors of vaccine-induced immunity

Study 1: Immune correlates of breakthrough infections of HBV after vaccination:

This study is the first phase of a programme of work from Professor Eleanor Riley looking at the potential for NK cells to participate in the effector phase of adaptive (acquired) immune responses to infection following vaccination and define the pathways by which this occurs. This study aims assess the serological and cellular immune responses to hepatitis B virus in a cohort of vaccinated and/or infected individuals living in Keneba and Manduar to test the hypothesis that cellular and serological immune responses to HBs will decline with increasing time since vaccination and, consequently, that certain cellular and/or serological responses will be associated with reduced risk of breakthrough HBV infection in adolescents and young adults. In addition, the study will test the hypothesis that the magnitude and/or duration of immune responses to HBs correlates with MHC and/or KIR genotype.

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