The MMCT Trial of Physician-Prescribed Lipid-Based Supplements (LNS) ISRCTN73571031

ING Staff: Stefan Unger, Sophie Moore, Andrew Prentice

We are conducting a randomised, controlled trial of lipid-based multiple micronutrients (LNS) prescribed by physicians to children under 5y of the West Kiang region of The Gambia who present to the clinic at MRC Keneba (ISRCTN73571031). The aim of the study is to determine the effect on health status when providing three month’s LNS to children in primary health care clinics in sub-Saharan Africa. The primary outcomes of this study are growth and the frequency of self-referred clinic return attendances specifying disease patterns over one year after recruitment. Embedded within this trial is a more detailed LRTI sub-study assessing the impact of LNS on immunological resolution and recovery rate.

children in the village mother and child in field

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