Safety and efficacy of iron interventions in Kenyan pregnant women NCT01308112

ING Staff: Hans Verhoef, Sharon Cox

Although most developing countries have national policies for antenatal iron supplementation, there are concerns that this can lead to an increased burden of malaria. In pregnancy, this may cause low birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation, preterm delivery, spontaneous abortion, stillbirth and neonatal mortality. We are conducting a randomised placebo-controlled trial among pregnant women in western Kenya, with the primary aim to measure the effect of antenatal supplementation with iron (60 mg, as ferrous fumarate) on Plasmodium infection at parturition. To prevent severe anaemia, all women will receive a limited amount of iron through flour fortification. We also use this trial as an opportunity to assess the feasibility of flour fortification in small-scale mills that serve rural communities.

kenya, community mobilization 2 kenya, obstetric ultrasound

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