Sharon Cox


Address (UK): MRC International Nutrition Group, LSHTM, Keppel Street, London
     Address (Tanzania): Muhimbili Wellcome Programme, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

     Tel: +255 755 406115 (if calling from East Africa)
     Tel: +44 207 927 2197 (if calling from UK)
     Fax: +44 207 958 8111



Sharon Cox graduated from University College London with a BSc in Biochemistry in 1996, which was followed by a post graduate teaching qualification (1997), MSc in Public Health Nutrition at LSHTM (1998) and a PhD, also at LSHTM in 2003. Her PhD involved immuno-epidemiology and the effects of vitamin A supplementation on immunity to malaria in pregnant and lactating Ghanaian women. She joined ING in 2002.


Her research is currently focused on nutritional and genetic modulation of sickle cell disease (SCD). She is the Principal Investigator and currently leading a Wellcome Trust funded clinical trial of a nutraceutical intervention in children with SCD. The primary endpoints are growth and improved vascular function. This follows on from a previous Wellcome Trust funded project assessing the effects of micronutrient status and of genes affecting their metabolism on clinical outcomes in SCD, the analysis of which is ongoing. Most of her research is nested within the Muhimbili-Wellcome Programme (MWP) and the Muhimbili Sickle Cohort, supported by a 5 year Wellcome Trust Strategic Award to Prof Charles Newton (KEMRI-Kilifi & University of Oxford), Dr Julie Makani (Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences, Dar-es-salaam Tanzania) and herself. She is heading up a developing research programme of nutrition and physiology within the MWP. She continues to be involved in studies in the Gambia, with other members of ING concerning micronutrients, nutrient gene interactions and iron metabolism.


As she is based full time in Tanzania, most of her teaching at LSHTM is via distance-based learning modules, as a tutor for the advanced unit ID202 “Nutrition and Infection” for the MSc in Infectious Diseases and the advanced module ”Study Design” for the MSc in Epidemiology. In addition she teaches occasional sessions for the MSc Nutrition for Global Health.

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