Landing Jarjou

landing jarjouSenior Scientific Officer and Deputy Head of MRC Keneba Station

Address: MRC Keneba, MRC Unit The Gambia, PO Box 273, Banjul, The Gambia

Tel: + 220 9989957


Landing Jarjou is a Scientist and Deputy Head of MRC Keneba. He is the local team leader of the Calcium, Vitamin D and Bone Health sub-programme led by Dr Ann Prentice. Born in The Gambia, he attended both primary and high (Armitage) schools in The Gambia. He was employed by the MRC Dunn Nutrition Unit Field Station in Keneba in 1980 as a field assistant. He was sponsored by the MRC Dunn Nutrition Unit, Cambridge UK, and underwent a series of Medical Laboratory Sciences part-time training at Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology in Cambridge and obtained his MSc in Clinical Biochemistry in 1996, followed by working part-time for a PhD which he obtained in 2005 with the Open University. The topic of his PhD was The Calcium Nutrition of Rural Pregnant Gambian Women Habituated to a Low Calcium Diet. He was selected to participate in the African Nutrition Leadership Programme in South Africa in 2006.


His research interest developed whilst working as a laboratory technician on different samples from different research areas. His main areas of interests are calcium and bone health through the life course in developing countries like The Gambia where calcium intakes are extremely low by international recommendations. He has undertaken calcium supplementation studies in pregnant and in lactating women in rural Gambia to find out if an increase in Ca intake is beneficial to the mother and infant both in the short and long term. He is currently investigating the long term effects of Ca supplementation in pregnancy on maternal bone health and offspring bone health, growth and blood pressure.

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