Dora Pereira


Research Group Leader

Address: Wellcome Trust Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, Tennis Court Road, Cambridge, CB2 1QP, U.K.

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 764864





Dora Pereira gained an MEng in Biochemical Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon in 1997 and a PhD in Gut Microbiology from the University of Reading in 2003. Prior to her PhD she worked for 2.5 years as an R&D bioprocess engineer in the pharmaceutical industry. After her PhD, Dora joined the MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit in Cambridge, initially with a 1-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship to study blood biomarkers of manganese exposure and later as an Investigator Scientist working on the development of a novel nanoparticulate oral iron supplement (namely IHAT – iron hydroxide adipate tartrate). She was an MRC Senior Investigator Scientist leading the ‘Oral Iron’ research theme in the MRC HNR Unit until March 2016.

In April 2016 she become a Research Group Leader at the University of Cambridge and leads the Phase II clinical development of IHAT in collaboration with the MRC Unit The Gambia and the MRC International Nutrition Group.



Her research focuses on the risks and benefits of dietary and supplemental iron, particularly in what relates to gut health and the gut microbiome. She leads collaborative research projects on mechanisms of intestinal iron absorption, impact of oral iron on the gut microbiome and intestinal infection, association between oral iron and colon cancer risk, and health economics of oral iron supplementation in the UK. With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, under their Grand Challenge New Interventions for Global Health scheme, she will be conducting one large field trial with iron supplements in anaemic young children living in the Upper River Region in The Gambia.



Dora has delivered the Nutrition Lectures to the Medical and Veterinary Sciences students at the University of Cambridge from 2006 to 2012. She is a senior member of Hughes Hall at Cambridge.

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