Sheila Mburu

sheilaPhD Student

Address: MRC Keneba, MRC Unit The Gambia, PO Box 273, Banjul, The Gambia


Sheila undertook her first degree at the University of Nottingham, where graduated from with an Msci in Biochemistry and Genetics. Following this, she worked in pharmaceutical consultancy based in Nottingham for nearly 2 years. Wanting to learn more about public health, she then undertook an internship at the World Health Organization in Rwanda, and was later hired as a consultant in the Nutrition department where she supervised a national survey on child malnutrition in Rwandan refugee camps, undertook data quality control of a national NCD risk factor (STEPS) survey led by the Ministry of Health to inform Rwanda’s national NCD policy and drafted a protocol for national nutrition surveillance to target stunting in children under 5. Furthermore during her time at WHO, she co-authored a book chapter on the brain drain caused by migration of health workers from sub-Saharan Africa to developing countries.

To deepen her technical understanding of nutrition, Sheila undertook the Msc in Nutrition for Global Health at LSHTM in 2014 during which she conducted her summer project research at MRC Keneba.



Sheila was recently awarded an MRC PhD scholarship studying the functional, development and health consequences for offspring with epigenetic errors caused by maternal dietary deficiency at time of conception.


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